2018 Trifecta Cabernet Sauvignon

Our 2018 vintage bodies and intriguing color of black ink which catches the eye. The complex bright nose lours you in with hints of ruby red fruit and black currants. Opening on the palate, your glass greets with sweet cherries smoothing out to soft vibrant tannins while finishing with a round and silky finish.
TA : .62
pH : 3.68
Alc : 14.3%
Harvest : October 13, 2018
R.S. 1.64

For the past two decades we enthusiastically agree that in Napa every year is a vintage year; anyone who has been enjoying our wines for the past 20 years would agree that they are world-class.

We feel that the best wines show control, poise and transparency between vineyard and appellation, our 2018 Cabernet is no exception. It is well integrated and tastefully seasoned. When making our wines, our intent is to show control, poise and transparency . The harmony between the vines, soil, weather and of course Bill’s magic touch. Balance is of outmost importance! Never compromising the beauty and complexity of our volcanic base and ‘Terroir’.

The growing season was driven by temperate weather, so the growing season was ‘slow and steady’ without crazy heatwaves, drought, torrential rains or low yields. “Everything came in like a parade instead of a stampede”.

We think that the 2018 vintage belongs in the category of ‘one of the finest ever’ and we are thrilled with what this Cabernet Sauvignon is capable of delivering now or for teh next 35 (or more) years.