Trifecta Philosophy










The Trifecta

Good things always happen in threes, "omne trium perfectum", and Trifecta Wines was created following that  philosophy. 

Our approach is slightly different from most.  Rather than spending energy on trying to make each year’s wine similar to what may be expected from a previous vintage, we prefer to concentrate all of our efforts on what we refer to as “unique vintage excellence” or the best nature has to offer that year.

Close attention is paid to what Mother Nature blesses us with at each harvest, and efforts focus on making the best Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir possible, by blending the best selections from the most relevant and desirable micro-climates. We have learned to take pride and relish the fact of not having a preconceived “flavor profile” and thus we can fully deliberate on making a superb wine.

Only the best possible fruit is sourced, at the direction and guidance of our winemakers, at the optimal time. With each vintage, Trifecta proudly represents the characteristics of a quintessential, well balanced California style wine respecting its distrincitve terroir.